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About Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

I opened the clinic in 1990. People used to ask me what we do here and I answered “We do acupuncture.” And their next reaction was “What is that?!” Acupuncture was not so popular at that time. I explained that acupuncture is an Asian Medicine that heals your body by poking needles on your body. Even then, people in California loved new things. They were very curious about this unfamiliar medicine and eager to try it out. I still can recall their excitement as if they met an Asian Mystery.

In a couple of years since then, a famous TV program and Insurance Health Bureau in the government invested the budget and announced their research. Acupuncture was getting popular with the public. Nowadays, there are many people who have experienced acupuncture.

Acupuncture heals sickness by raising the natural healing power of the body. Thus, the ordinary life style (e.g. eating habit, exercise) should be taken seriously when you do acupuncture.

The body has twelve main therapeutic points and small pressure points, and activating the flow of those points will help internal organs to function well.

Our clinic handles Chinese medicine, Acupressure, Massage (Thai style, foot therapeutic points), and etc. They will also help to raise the function and immunity of the whole body and make the body much healthier.

About Japanese Style Acupuncture
Japanese needle is so much thinner than Chinese needle. Thus, you feel almost no pain. In Japanese style acupuncture, the skin surface is poked frequently and it improves the balance of the subtle energy. The needle is very slender. Electricity is flowing on the body surface and such a shallow needle as Japanese needle may gain minus ion of the body and reduce active oxygen (the origin of fatigue). Also may improve Endorphin (painkiller stronger that morphine) in the brain.

It is the massage that Mr. Namikoshi started about fifty years ago in Japan. You will have the same effect that you get from acupuncture by pressing the therapeutic point. It also relaxes muscles and is very effective against stiff neck, back pain, and improving general health.

Thai Massage
It is a unique therapy that combines stretching, assisting yoga postures, and massaging the muscles, tendons, pressure points, and meridians.

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